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About Us

Jim Lindl •Patent Pending Tool Inventor

Gutter Cleaning Service by GLIDE-FORCE is a classic can-do American company inspired by:

 “necessity meets entrepreneurial inventor.”

In 1998 Jim Lindl had a nasty problem….he couldn’t clean his second story high-reach gutters. They were impossible to clean with either ladders or walking on the roof. What to do?

Creating Gutter Cleaning Service by Glide-Force

Over the course of 20 years using good old fashioned American ingenuity, the riddle of effective gutter cleaning without ladders was finally solved by Jim.

Today, GUTTER CLEANING SERVICE by GLIDE-FORCE employs a highly engineered patented, state-of-the-art tool system, of directed air-force, that literally glides along the gutter as it cleans and transforms what was once a difficult messy job, into a fast, clean process…… safely from the ground.

Gutter Cleaning Service by Glide-Force, An American Company

The company was formed by its co-owners, Executive Directors Don Dodge and Jim Lindl. They became associated in business after their remarkable winter climbing experience on Mount Shasta.

Corporate oversight and operational systems are guided by Don who is a highly respected four decade business executive in the field of telecommunications construction.
National market development and field training of the GLIDE-FORCE independent Franchise Members are Jim’s primary focus.

Don and Jim, together with a team of talented individuals, bring Gutter Cleaning Service by GLIDE-FORCE to your neighborhood through a network of Independent  Franchise Partners.


The unique GLIDE-FORCE cleaning tools are 100 percent designed and manufactured in America, using world class, state-of-the art technology.

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